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About us

Efficient Skills and Equity CC, trading as BD Skills (Business Dynamics) was the "brainchild" of Babette and Marius van Eeden.  This business was born in 2002, at approximately the same time as the birth of our oldest child.  So we had to nurture and grow both babies - the human baby and the business.

Originally, the business was created to deliver a service to various companies in South Africa, with Skills Development Administrative and Legislative needs.  BBBEE legislation did not exist yet, but many businesses were already developing BBBEE concepts, without any laws or Charters in those days.                                                                                                                                       

The Seta's were still very new then, some Seta's did not even have offices yet in those days, and the Skills Development Facilitators were fortunate enough to be part of the first groups to receive their SDF training, straight from the Seta's, back then.  "Old school style".  Step by Step instructions on the roles and responsibilities of the Skills Development Facilitator were taught.

It also became a business imperative to deliver a combined service to companies with regards to both Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts in mind, soon after the business became operational.

Today, 14 years later, we are still going stronger than ever, and have kept 90% of our original clients from day one, with very few cancellations, this is something that not many other service providers can say.

Babette van Eeden is a qualified Attorney at Law and Skills Development Facilitator, Equity Advisor and an Assessor.

Marius van Eeden is the business Operations Partner and qualified Skills Development Facilitator.


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